Best Google Pixel armbands

For some of us, the weather outside is definitely not the best for going for a run, but when there’s a will, there’s always a way.

The Google Pixel can become the perfect running mate, thanks to the multitude of fitness apps which you can download, but it would be pretty weird to hold your phone in your hand while going for a jog, right?

But hey, this is what armbands are for!

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You can find tons of Google Pixel armbands online, but since you’re reading this, you’re definitely looking for the best models. Considering this, we made a short list with some of the best picks of the moment. Let’s see what we found.

1. 11TT Armband for Google Pixel XL

11TT Google Pixel armband

First in our top comes a premium model, made of stretch resistant neoprene, allowing it to easily bend, flex, twist and fold, all these without warping.

The comfort-grip keeps it firmly on your arm during workouts and running, while the headphone cutouts allow direct access to the phone, through the armband.

It’s also water resistant, so your phone will be protected against water and sweat. And let’s not forget about the reflective strip, as well as the built-in key pocket, which are big pluses! It’s available in five different colors.

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2. F-color Extra Thin Armband

F-color Google Pixel armband

Moving on, we have another great Google Pixel armband, made of high-quality Lycra fabric material, which makes it super soft, light and comfortable.

This model provides easy access to the phone’s power and volume buttons and it’s also water resistant and sweat proof, keeping your phone safe from impact with moisture, while working out.

It has a hole for headphones, while the pocket is perfect for storing your keys, IDs, money or any other documents. Your keys also have a special place, so you don’t need to worry about anything else except your workout while wearing this armband. You can get it in eight different color combinations.

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3. Supcase Sport Running Armband

Supcase Google Pixel Armband

At a first look, this Google Pixel armband doesn’t look like most models, but it’s still great for keeping your device in place during workouts. Also, it can be used as a single protective case as well!

The adjustable Velcro armband fits a wide range of arm sizes, while the ports and buttons can be easily accessed through the special cutouts. You can hand wash it without any worries, since the material is high quality and won’t be affected!

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4. JD Sports Armband

JD Google Pixel Armband

Being presented as ‘perfect for workout’ this armband from JD is available in five different colors – Black, Blue, Red, Purple and Camouflage – and it’s made from premium neoprene.

It has a special slot for your keys, so you can forget about carrying them in your pocket while running, as well as a special slot where you can store your headphones.

It’s a simple and nice model, available for a great price.

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5. JOTO Sport Exercise Belt Armband

Joto Google Pixel Armband

With this Google Pixel armband, you can forget about carrying anything at all in your pockets while running.

To be more specific, it comes with a built-in key holder, a slot for IDs, credit cards or even cash.

As for the materials, it’s made of premium lightweight neoprene, which makes it sweat proof, besides being durable and able to offer all around protection for your device. Unlike other models, it’s available just in Black.

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6. RND Accessories Slim-Fit Sports Armband

RND Google Pixel Armband

Another simple yet efficient Google Pixel Armband makes it to our top, coming from the folks over RND Accessories.

It’s available in Black, Pink and Purple, if you want to add a bit of color to your workout outfit, and it has a few tricks in its sleeve, like a special slot for keys or a cutout for your headphones. Because hey, a workout without music is basically incomplete!

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7. SPARIN Sports Armband

Sparin Google Pixel Armband

Closing our list is a really nice armband from SPARIN, made of a combination of soft neoprene and leather, as well as a PVC film, covering the display.

It features a key holder and a slot for headphones, which can be twined tidily. It’s definitely a great choice for anybody who has an active lifestyle, being suitable for running or any other types of workouts.

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Our Pick

And this is where our lists ends! Below you have some of the best Google Pixel armbands, perfect for keeping your phone safe and sound while going for a quick run, as well as other outdoor activities.

If you ask us about our favorite model, we must admit that we really like Supcase’s model, mostly because of the different form factor. But hey, this doesn’t mean that the other models from our list aren’t great as well!

What about you guys? Which of these models would you pick and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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