Best Google Pixel XL armbands

When it comes to this year’s best Android handsets, there’s no doubt that the Google Pixel XL is one of them. After all, it packs the best Google can offer, as well as a high-end spec sheet, so the fact that a lot of users opt for it doesn’t come as a surprise.

Also, thanks to the excellent integration of Google Fit, it can become an excellent workout partner. However, anybody who relies on this phone for working out is in big need of an armband. After all, it’s way comfortable to wear your phone wrapped around your arm when running or lifting weights, instead of a pocket, right?

For those who like to rock that healthy lifestyle and not only, we made a short list with some of the best Google Pixel XL armbands, perfect for carrying your phone! Let’s see what we have for you guys.

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1. JOTO Sport Exercise Armband

Joto Google Pixel XL armband case

First in our top comes an armband from JOTO, specially designed for the Pixel XL and made of premium lightweight neoprene, which makes it sweat proof, durable and giving it the ‘power’ to protect your device all around.

The clear protective screen window doesn’t compromise the touchscreen’s functionality, so you can use the phone while it’s in the armband, while the strong elastic velcro, with two slots for keys or IDs, fits a wide variety of arm circumference sizes.

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2. Xboun Sports Armband Case

Xboun Google Pixel XL armband

Ok, so this is more like a pouch that can be worn around your wrist, but nevertheless, it’s an excellent option for those who need to carry a lot of stuff when running or working out. It’s made of flexible neoprene, fitting snugly to your arm, not to mention that it’s sweat proof and water resistant.

But just a bit water resistant, don’t go for a swim wearing it. The see-through cover keeps the screen protected, while maintaining all functions. As for the storage options, it has enough space for your keys, cash and IDs. Finally, it has a reflective strip, for safe running in low light conditions. You can get it in three color variants.

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3. JD Sports Armband

JD Google Pixel XL armband

Next, we have a really nice Google Pixel XL armband from JD which will definitely make sure that your phone stays safe and sound, wrapped around your arm. The latter is possible thanks to the adjustable strap, which fastens it around.

The armband also features a special cutout for headphones, because hey, everybody likes listening to some music while working out! You can get it in Purple, Red, Black, Blue and a really nice Camouflage finish.

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4. Melop Soft Sports Armband

Melop Google Pixel XL armband

Perfect for your Google Pixel XL, this armband is made from a really soft material – sweat proof, of course – featuring a reflective band, making you more visible while running at night.

It’s strong and durable and it features a special place for your keys, as well as pockets for ID, a credit card or even some cash. Completing the set is a hole for your earphones, so we can easily say that this model from Melop is one of the best Google Pixel XL armbands. It’s available in six different colors.

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5. F-Color Soft Comfortable Sports Armband

F-color Google Pixel XL armband

With a design that stands out and made of high-quality Lycra, this armband feels very soft on your skin, being light and comfortable.

It provides easy access to the power and volume buttons of your Pixel XL and you don’t have to worry about sweat getting to the phone, thanks to the fabric inside the armband.

Of course, the headphone jack hole isn’t missing, nor the slots for keys or credit cards or IDS. You can get this great model in various colors, by the way.

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6. World Acc Premium Neoprene Armband

World Acc Google Pixel XL armband

Providing an increased amount of protection for your phone, this neoprene armband is precisely designed to fit the Pixel XL, without compromising functionality.

The back, sides and corners will stay safe during your workouts, while the adjustable strap allows you to wrap it around your arm. It’s available in three different colors, like Baby Blue, Black and Hot Pink.

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7. IWIO Smartphone Sports Armband

Iwio Google Pixel XL armband

Last but not least, we have another great Google Pixel armband in our top, made of neoprene and with a really nice addition.

We’re talking about a pair of in-ear aluminum headphones, with an integrated microphone and an on/off switch, as well as a 1.2m cable, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting your headphones while going for a run. The armband is available in eight different colors.

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Our Pick

And we’re all done, guys. Below you have seven of the best Google Pixel XL armbands, perfect for running or any other type of activities. If you ask us, we’d totally go for F-Color’s armband, thanks to the design that stands out. But otherwise, all of these models are awesome!

Which one is your favorite and why, by the way? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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