best iphone 8 plus leather cases

No matter what people say, there’s no phone accessory that’s more elegant than a leather case! And if the phone is the new iPhone 8 Plus, you definitely have the winning formula.

Apple continued the design line started by last year’s iPhone 7, using the same elegant lines, which can be highly complemented by such a case. Not to mention that it can also keep the device safe and sound, in case of an accidental drop, and protect it from daily wear and tear.

Considering this, we started looking for some nice models on Amazon and guess what? We quickly managed to come across some great looking ones, then put them in a list, in order to make it easier for you.

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Without much further ado, these are the best iPhone 8 Plus leather cases:

1. Shieldon Book Case

best iphone 8 plus leather case from shieldon

First in line comes a very practical model, the Shieldon Book Wallet Case, made of genuine leather and featuring a TPU inner case. The cowhide leather used for designing this case offers a very stylish look and feels natural in hand, while the soft TPU full-body inner case has a cushioned shockproof edge, ensuring the phone remains safe in case of drops or bumps.

Since it’s a wallet case, it has three card slots, as well as an additional pocket for money or other documents. Everything is held together by a hidden magnetic closure, so all your valuables will be kept in place neatly and securely. The case is very convenient to use and can be purchased in two different colors, Black or Brown.

2. KANVASA One Luxury Leather Case

best iphone 8 plus leather case from kanvasa

If you’re after something simpler, but yet very elegant, we have one of the best looking iPhone 8 leather cases in our top, the Kanvasa One Luxury.

Made from the finest genuine leather, it will perfectly fit your phone, while the cutouts will make all ports, microphones and camera easily accessible.

This robust skin offers ideal protection against bumps, stains and scratches, while the premium materials used for manufacturing it leads to a longevity of the case, not to mention the luxurious business look it has. You can get it in either Black or Brown, the latter looking incredibly good on the phone.

3. Shieldon Flip Cover Case

best iphone 8 plus leather case from shieldon 2

We liked so much the first entry in our top that we decided to introduce another variant of it in our top, but with a slight difference. Specifically, the Shieldon Flip Cover Case is also made of genuine cowhide leather and offering the same elegant look to the phone, but it has a fully closed back, the only cutout being the one for the camera.

Otherwise, it’s perfect for on-the-go use, thanks to the three card slots and the special side pocket.

The magnetic closure system is also present, securing your money and cards. And it’s also great for consuming media, since it can work as a kickstand, providing multiple viewing positions. Same colors for this one as well, Black and Brown.

4. iPulse Italian Full Grain Leather Case

best iphone 8 plus leather case from ipulse

If you’re looking for one of the most practical iPhone 8 Plus leather cases you can get, you should definitely check out the iPulse Italian Full Grain Leather Case, a premium model, made using cowhide leather (looks like the best material, right?), which will age brighter and beautifully.

The case features a few special characteristics, like one ID slot, as well as two credit card slots and one pocket for bills. Also, it can be used as a phone stand, so you can watch YouTube videos or make video calls with ease.

As for the protection aspect, it has a TPU frame, able to hold the phone steadily. You can get one in Cognac, Classic Brown, Tan or Vintage Black.

5. FYY RFID Blocking Leather Case

best iphone 8 plus leather case from fyy

Next in our top comes the FYY RFID Blocking Leather Case, designed to protect the information on your cards, thanks to the special material used for making it. Also, since it’s a genuine leather case, 100% handmade, it will add a plus of elegance to your phone.

The case has a large capacity, being able to house credit cards and receipts, as well as some cash. Also, let’s not forget about the kickstand function and its ability to absorb part of a shock caused by a drop, as well as protect the phone from any other types of impacts. You can get it in different colors or patterns.

6. Spaysi Handmade Leather Case

best iphone 8 plus leather case from spaysi

The next entry in our top of the best iPhone 8 Plus leather cases is the Spaysi Handmade model, with a natural and unique texture, created by the genuine cowhide leather used for manufacturing it. As you can see, it’s a wallet case, offering space for 4 card slots, as well as additional bills, thanks to a special compartment.

Even though it’s very elegant leather model, the case still does a great job at protecting your device, so you don’t need to worry that much if you somehow manage to drop it.

Let’s not forget about the magnetic snap closure, which makes sure that your phone, credit cards and documents are safe all the time. And if you like consuming media on the go, you should know that the case can act as a kickstand! Get it now, in Black, Blue, Dark Brown, Green or Wine.

7. Totallee Ultra Thin Leather Case

best iphone 8 plus leather case from totallee

And finally, we have the totallee Ultra Thin Leather Case, which is actually a very special model, thanks to the real lambskin leather backing. The housing and sides of the case are made of black plastic, for increased protection and durability, while the back is branding-free, for an ultra sleek and sophisticated look.

Measuring just 0.02″ in thickness, it won’t add any bulk to your phone and it will adapt perfectly to its shapes. Basically, it’s one of the slimmest models you can get right now for your iPhone 8 Plus. Let’s not forget that it increases the device’s grip, so you won’t have to be afraid if you have slippery hands with this case on!

And again, ignore the slim profile! The case is made using flexible and sturdy polypropylene and genuine leather, so it’s very durable, while rocking this spectacular minimal look. You can get one in Black or Mocha Brown.

Done, end of the list! These are some of the best iPhone 8 Plus leather cases money can buy right now. Even though most models are wallet cases, we also managed to find simple ones, which look great on your phone, while maintaining an increased level of protection. And we also have a favorite!

Our Pick: KANVASA One Luxury Leather Case

We’re totally digging the way the leather case wraps around the side of the phone, especially the Brown model, which will look great on it, no matter the color. And despite being a slim model, it’s still able to keep the device safe, if you manage to drop it or carry it in your pocket, alongside other things, like keys or coins.

But what about you? Which one of these iPhone 8 Plus leather cases would you pick for your phone and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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