Best iPhone 7 Plus Bumper Case

So you got yourself the shiny new iPhone 7 Plus. As much as you would want to enjoy the variety of new features and the design of the new iPhone 7, you will have to make sure that you can keep it that way for a long period of time.

Getting a bumper case would be a good idea to protect your expensive piece of tech from getting damaged when you drop it and also to protect it from attracting dirt.

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Here are some of the best iPhone 7 Plus bumper cases that we reviewed.

1. POETIC iPhone 7 Plus Bumper Case

Poetic iPhone 7 Plus bumper case

Oftentimes one of the biggest compromises that you will have to make with getting a case is that it makes the phone lose its attractive design. This is not the case with the POETIC premium bumper case as it is made of Polycarbonate so it offers a bit of shock resistance to your phone while enhancing the grip of your phone.

With an affordable price of just $9.95 it is one of the best investments you can make in protecting your phone.

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2. Ringke iPhone 7 Plus Bumper Case

Ringke iPhone 7 Bumper case

With the Ringke, you will get a fully transparent plastic case for your iPhone, so it will not change the design or look of your phone all that much.

The case costs just $9.99 and is able to offer good protection when dropped. The case is designed in such a way as to raise the bezels of the iPhone 7 thereby further enhancing the amount of protection it offers.

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3. MoKo Advanced Armor Series

MoKo iPhone 7 Plus bumper case

Armored cases are the way to go if you want maximum protection for your phone, however it does come with the drawback of adding bulk and weight to your already large phone.

The MoKo bumper case provides a firm grip of your phone to prevent it from accidentally slipping off. Considering that it is priced at just $5.99 this is definitely a good purchase.

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4. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Premium

Supcase bumper iPhone 7 Plus case

This case lies slightly on the expensive side as it comes at a price of $16.99, however it gives the best of both worlds as it provides very good protection while also preserving the design of the phone with the transparency it offers.

The case is made of TPU and PC materials which offer great resistance against shock. You are also offered with a variety of colour choices for the case.

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5. i-Blason Shockproof iPhone 7 Plus Bumper Case

i-Blason bumper iPhone 7 Plus case

This particular case is similar to the one offered by SUPCASE, however it comes at a slightly cheaper price of $12.99. It enhances the bezels of the phone thereby offering a decent amount of protection from shock.

Though it comes in a transparent form, it will change the look of your phone quite significantly. You can pick from a variety of colours to find one that suits you best.

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6. JETech Shock-Absorption Bumper

JETech best iPhone 7 Plus bumper case

The JETech Bumper Case is also made of PC and TPU which offers good protection to your phone. It is also scratch resistant so you can lay it on a rough surface without having to worry about scratching your phone or the case.

The design is quite simplistic with transparency on the back of the case to preserve the phone’s original design. At a cost of just $4.99 it does have a good value for money.

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7. X-Doria Bumper Case for iPhone 7 Plus

X Doria bumper case for iPhone 7 Plus

Though PC and TPU are the common choice for bumper cases, if you wish to get something a lot more premium, then you can go for the Aluminium and TPU frame of the X-Doria Bumper case.

You have a choice of Silver or Rose Gold, and the original look of the phone is well preserved with the transparent back. Further, it doesn’t add much bulk to the phone which comes as a huge plus point seeing as it is made of Aluminium. The drawback is that it is slightly on the expensive side with a price $22.99.

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8. Bastex iPhone 7 Plus Bumper Case

iPhone 7 Plus bumper Case Bastex

You get a wide variety of colour choices with Bastex Bumper Case, with the clear design also available. The back of the bumper is transparent for all of the colours so you can still show off the Apple logo on your shiny iPhone 7 Plus.

It offers reasonable protection against dropping with the TPU material that it is made of, but definitely not the best as far as protecting your phone is concerned.

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9. ATGOIN Utmost iPhone 7 Plus Bumper Case

iPhone 7 Plus bumper case ATGOIN

At just $7.99, this minimalistic case for the iPhone 7 Plus can offer a reasonable amount of protection to your phone without adding much bulk to it.

Made from the TPU material, it doesn’t offer the strongest of protection against shock, but certainly better than not having a case at all. You also get a lifetime warranty with the product making it a good long term investment on your phone.

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10. MoKo Advanced Shock-absorbent Bumper

iPhone 7 Plus Case Moko

If protection of your phone isn’t the highest priority to you, then the transparent case by Moko is definitely the way to go.

It is made of PC and TPU material to offer good protection to your phone against shock. You can also choose from a variety of colour choices, with the clear one being the simplest, and the other designs do come with a design printed at the back.

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Our pick

It was a hard choice picking a particular case from the above list since they all do have their pros and cons. Ultimately, the purpose of getting a case for your phone would be for protection, so we went with the X-Doria Bumper Case for iPhone 7 Plus.

True it may be the most expensive one on the list, but then again the iPhone 7 Plus is not cheap either. Apart from the durability it offers, it also preserves the design and form factor of the phone.


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