Best iPhone 7 Plus holster belt clip

We’ve said it before and we’re going to say it again: after spending a lot of money on a phone like the new iPhone 7 Plus, it’s pretty much mandatory to also get a case for it.

I mean, come on, it’s a shame to leave such a beautiful phone deal with damage, if you somehow manage to drop it.

Today, we’re once again talking about cases, but not just your regular case, but some you can easily wear on your belt. So, without much further ado, these are ten of the best iPhone 7 Plus belt clip cases!

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1. Galaxy Wireless iPhone 7 Plus Holster

GALAXY WIRELESS iPhone 7 Plus holster

To start, we have a really nice looking and tough iPhone 7 belt clip case, with a rubber-like feel, so expect a significantly improved grip for your phone.

It comes with a built-in kickstand, so you can enjoy media on the go, while the 180 degree swivel holster allows you to wear the phone in any position you like. It’s currently available for just $9.98.

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2. Encased iPhone 7 Belt Clip Case

Encased iPhone 7 Plus holster

Next, we have a model designed specifically for phones already protected by Spigen’s Rugger Armor series cases.

The reinforced back clip, which can be used vertically or horizontally, keeps your device secure, while the kickstand feature is great for movies and hands free viewing. You can get one from Amazon, for $14.20.

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3. E LV Armor iPhone 7 Plus Holster

E LV iPhone 7 Plus holsters

If you want something a bit more touch, in order to increase your phone’s protection, this belt clip case from E LV is a viable solution.

It has a shock-absorbing silicone interior, as well as a polycarbonate exterior, resulting a two layers of protection, so your iPhone 7 Plus will definitely be safe with this case on.

The rotating belt clip swivel can be used in multiple positions and the kickstand is also present, so you can consume some media in perfect conditions. It retails for $7.99.

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4. BOMEA Hard Case with Belt Clip

BOMEA iPhone 7 Plus belt clip case

Now here we have a 2-in-1 product, as it’s basically a tough case for your iPhone 7 Plus, with a low profile built-in slider stand, for easy horizontal or vertical viewing.

It’s covered with a rubberized material, which increases the phone’s grip and offers enough protection, so your phone can withstand even some serious drops. It’s available for a ridiculously low price, of just $9.59.

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5. Trianium Duranium iPhone 7 Plus Holster

Trianium iPhone 7 Plus belt clip case

Just like its name says, this iPhone 7 Plus belt clip case is pretty badass! It offers total protection, thanks to the shock-absorbing internal padding, as well as the exterior polycarbonate removable spine, able to deal with tough drops, scratches and bumps.

It focuses on protection, as well as reducing unnecessary bulk, so your phone will also look good while ‘wearing’ it. You can get it for $18.98.

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6. Lorem Leather Belt Clip Case

Lorem iPhone 7 Plus holster

If you prefer a more classical approach, this leather pouch might be just what you need. It’s equipped with one durable belt clip, plus two additional secure belt loops, as well as a front magnetic closure.

The soft inner linings help protecting your new iPhone 7 Plus for any nicks and scraps and, overall, this case looks really stylish, compared to other models! It can be yours for just $9.99.

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7. Microseven Defender Cover with Belt Clip

Microseven iPhone 7 Plus holster

For just $9.95 you can receive a really nice iPhone 7 belt clip case, with a slim and light design, rubberized texture and, of course, a built-in kickstand.

The 180 degree swivel holster clip can be adjusted in several positions, while the kickstand is perfect for anybody who likes to watch movies on the phone. Sounds pretty cool, right?

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8. Pasonomi Premium Leather iPhone 7 Holster

PASONOMI belt clip case for iPhone 7 Plus

Specifically designed for the iPhone 7 Plus, this leather case comes with a strong magnetic closure, able to keep your phone secure all the time.

The soft inner felt lining will keep scratches away, while the all around genuine leather construction is very durable, being able to make it through a longer period without damaging.

The case is available for just $8.95, a real bargain, considering the way it looks and the materials it’s made of.

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9. Cocomii Heavy Duty Robot Case

Cocomii best iPhone 7 Plus holster

Another hardcore iPhone 7 Plus belt clip case comes to our list, this time made by the folks over Cocomii.

It’s a rugged model, with two shock-absorbing thick layers, made of silicone and polycarbonate, so you can imagine that your phone is all safe with this on it.

The raised edge around the front lip keeps the display safe, when face down, while the slide-out kickstand is great for checking out some videos. You can get one for $14.99.

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10. Hengwin Vertical Men Travel Pouch

Hengwin iPhone 7 Plus holster and belt clip case

Finally, the last entry in our top is more than just a case. Actually, it’s a leather pouch, made from high quality leather, with zippered compartments and a detachable strap.

You can cover more than just your phone in it and attack it to your belt, using the carabiner on the back. It’s perfect for going out or travelling, especially! You can get it for $25.99.

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Our pick

It was a bit difficult to decide upon our favorite iPhone 7 Plus belt clip case, as all these models are pretty awesome, but we must admit that the Trianium Duranium Series Heavy Duty case has something special.

It looks very well-built and rugged, so you don’t need to worry about your phone taking damage if you drop it. Also, the holster on the back is also very strong, so there’s no chance of breaking either.

What about you? Which one of these models would you pick for your iPhone 7 Plus? Let us know, using the comments section below!


  1. I bought a Trianium Duranium case for my iPhone 7+ and it started breaking almost immediately. The clip for holding the phone to the belt clip was so stiff it cracked the edges of the hard shell. One missed snap -in broke a piece out of the bottom. And within 6 weeks of getting it, the belt clip is worthless because the keeper clip broke completely off. Even though it has a lifetime warranty (about the length of a horse fly lifetime), I would not waste time or money trying to replace it with another. And the screen cover is annoying- supposed to help protect from water damage, but prevents easy use of the escape button.


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