Best iPhone 7 Plus flip case and folio

Dropping your phone can be a nightmare, especially if we’re talking about the new iPhone 7 Plus, which isn’t a cheap device and fixing it can be pretty expensive.

The thing is that it’s a pretty slippery device as well, so there are pretty big chances for you to drop it. But hey, everything can change if you opt for a case!

Today, we’re looking at some of the best iPhone 7 Plus flip cases, which are great, as they’re able to provide more screen protection than any tempered glass. Sounds good, right? Let’s see what we found on Amazon.

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1. ShieldOn Leather iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case SHIELDON

First in our top is a genuine leather model, perfect for on-the-go use. It features three card slots, a side pocket for money or any other documents, and a stylish magnetic lock, to keep everything in place.

What we really like about it is that it is that it can also work as a stand, so you can consume media on the go. You can get it in black or brown, for $25.99.

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2. Snugg iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case Snugg

One of the cheapest iPhone 7 Plus flip cases from our top is available for just $9.99 and it makes sure that your device will be carefully and securely held within the reinforced TPU tray.

The latter is surrounded by PU leather, acting like a shield against drops, knocks, bumps and scratches. Oh, and if you like a bit of diversity, it’s available in Black and Pink.

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3. TUCCH Carry-All iPhone 7 Plus Case

iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case Tucch

Looking for an incredibly practical iPhone 7 Plus flip case? Make sure you check this model from TUCCH, which comes with three included card slots and a money pocket, so you can leave your wallet at home when going out.

It provides increased protection for your phone and it includes raised edges and a TPU lip, so your screen is also safe when it comes to dealing with scratches. It retails for $14.99, in Brown, Black and Red.

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4. DigitBay G Serial Premium Case

Flip case for iPhone 7 Plus

Next, we have a case made from high grade PU, combined with environmental friendly polycarbonate and microfiber lining, perfect for keeping your iPhone 7 Plus safe and sound.

It has exact coutouts, so you can easily access all the ports and buttons, and it includes a slot for your credit card, a SIM-card slot and finally, a SIM-card pin, so you can change them anytime you want. You can get it in four different colors, for $15.99.

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5. Maxboost Folio Style iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

iPhone 7 Plus flip case by Maxboost

Stylish and protective, this quality crafted PU leather case features four corner, as well as front and back protection, being perfect for daily use.

It comes with three card slots, a side pocket for money or additional documents and finally, a magnetic lock design. You can get it in Black or, if you want something fancier, in Pink or Teal, for $14.99.

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6. Silk iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

Silk iPhone 7 Plus flip folio case

Leave your wallet at home if you’re using this case with your phone! It comes with separate pockets for four cards, plus a full sized stash for your cash.

It also provides 360-degree full framed folio protection for your iPhone 7 Plus and it integrates a stand, for hands-free viewing whenever you want. It’s made from synthetic leather, which feels very nice, and it comes with a free screen protector and wrist wrap.

It’s available for $14.99, in Rose Gold, Champagne Gold and Black Onyx.

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7. LONTECT Ultra Slim Leather Flip Case

iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case LONTECT

We know, the main reason why you don’t like these flip cases is because they add a lot of bulk to your phone. But hey, not all of them are like this!

For example, this model from LONTECT, made from solid TPU and high-grade PU leather, maintains a slim profile, and it also features a raised lip, in order to protect your screen. You can get it in Rose Gold, Gold and Black (our favorite), for a really low price, of just $7.99.

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8. Tannc Layered Dandy Case

TANNC iPhone 7 Plus Case Flip folio

We really like the way this leather iPhone 7 Plus flip case looks and the fact that it’s available for just $7.99 is another big plus in our book!

It doubles as a wallet, as you can carry three credit cards, and it feels very good in hand. Oh, and let’s not forget that it works as a stand, so you can watch all your favorite movies and clips with ease. It’s available in Black and Brown.

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9. ProCase iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case ProCase

Stylish and yet functional, this iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case is very easy to carry around, thanks to the hand wristlet strap. It has two build-In card slots and one side pocket for your cash and cards, as well as an included mirror.

The magnetic closure secures the case, while the built-in kickstand is present too, for those moments when you want to watch some videos on the go. It’s available in four different colors, starting at $12.99.

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10. Belk Simple Retro Premium Leather Case

iPhone 7 Plus flip Case BELK

Finally, we have another very good looking model from Belk, with an ultra slim profile and special slots for cards, so you can totally forget about carrying a wallet.

It’s simple and elegant, providing protection to all four corners on the phone, as well as the display, thanks to the raised lip edges. You can get it for $11.99, in Black, Coffee, Red and Yellow.

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Our pick

Honestly, it was pretty hard to choose our favorite iPhone 7 Plus flip case from this top, but in the end, we decided upon the last entry. Belk’s leather case is by far the best model from this top, maintaining a slim look for your phone, as well as providing all the protection it needs.

What about you, which one of these is your first choice? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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