best iphone 8 docking stations

Thing for a moment about the best looking smartphones ever made and at least one iPhone model will be present in your quickly made top. We have to admit it it, the Cupertino-based company makes some great looking phones and they look very good even just when they sit on the table.

Speaking about this, why not your iPhone look even better, even when you’re – let’s say – just charging it? That’s right, today we’re talking about the best iPhone 8 docking stations you can get right now! And because we know that there are a lot of iPhone 8 Plus owners out there, as well as some future iPhone X owners, we looked for some models that are compatible with all three of Apple’s new models.

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Surprisingly or not, we found some great designs, which will look great on your nighstand or wherever you keep your phone usually. But enough with the details…

These are the best iPhone 8 docking stations of the moment:

1. Stouch Charging Dock Station

best iphone 8 docking station from stouch

First of all, we have the Stouch Charging Dock Station, a very good looking model, available with a Silver finish, matching pretty nicely with your phone, no matter the color.

And it’s not a simple dock, since it can also charge your phones, thanks to the integrated Lightning cable!

It has an anti-slip design on the bottom, with a non-slip silicone mate, allowing you to use it on pretty much any surface. Also, it features built-in protection circuitry, to prevent over charge and over discharge. Otherwise, the dock is made with quality, fireproof materials, which feel very nice. And yeah, it looks good almost anywhere!

2. MoKo Desk Cradle

best iphone 8 docking station from moko

Moving on with the best iPhone 8 docking stations, we have the MoKo Desk Cradle, a multifunctional charging stand, for all iPhone models, as well as the Apple Watch, all three series.

Constructed of Acrylic, for a solid build, the stand can support both the watch and the phone at the same time, in a stable and comfortable viewing angle.

A circular cutout, surrounded by high-grade silicone, will securely fit the charger beneath the Apple Watch, preventing it from getting scratched while charging. Also, on the bottom, there’s an anti-skid silicone pad, with strong adhesive, for better stability and sturdiness. You can use it as a basic stand as well, by the way, no need to get it only if you also have the Watch!

3. Bestand Charging Stand Holder

best iphone 8 docking station from bestand

Let’s take a look at the awesome Bestand Charging Stand Holder, the perfect combination of an iPhone stand and Apple Watch charging holder.

It’s made of high quality aluminum and has a very elegant design, being great for charging both your iDevices, at the same time.

It has an anti-slip rubber mat on the bottom, so you can use it on any surface, while a convenient cable cutout prevents it from overly bending and helps you keep everything more organized. Oh, and it has a great Space Grey finish, if you want to match it with your phone, as well as Silver or Grey.

4. Mercase Charging Stand

best iphone 8 docking station from mercase

Ok, now this is far from those classic designs you see at regular iPhone 8 docking stations! Made of aircraft grade aluminum, which provides unique support for the smartwatch and the phone, the Mercase Charging Stand is a one of a kind model, designed to attract from the very first sight!

The stand is equipped with scratch-free TPU and features precise cutouts, without any rough or jagged edges, so you don’t need to worry about your devices getting scratched. It also has a cable management system, so you can keep everything nice and tidy. As for the colors, you can get it in Space Grey or Rose Gold.

5. Avantree Lightning Cable with Charging Dock

best iphone 8 docking station from avantree

Even though it’s presented as a cable, this product is actually a dock, which can be use for charging your phone as well. The Avantree Lightning Charging Stand is Apple MFi certified and made with high quality solid aluminum, allowing you to charge your phone at fast speeds, thanks to the included cable.

The stand provides an optimal view angle, being great for media consuming, and thanks to the rubber padding, you can use it on any surface, without worrying about slipping. It’s available in Silver or Rose Gold, by the way!

6. SINCETOP Charger Dock

best iphone 8 docking station from sincetop

Ok, let’s take a quick look at one of the simplest, but very efficient iPhone 8 charging docks you can get right now, the Sincetop Charger Dock.

It’s basically a charger base, with a sleek and elegant look, and without any rough edges, so you won’t see any scratches on your phone if using this.

You can use it on any surfaces, since it has a silicone anti-skid pad on the bottom, increasing the friction with the surface it stays on and preventing slipping. The dock is available in Black, so it will match perfectly the phone, if you have the Space Gray version.

7. AERB Rosewood Charging Stand

best iphone 8 docking station from aerb

We want to believe that we saved one of the best items in this top for its end. Check out the stunning AERB Rosewood Charging Stand, an all-in-one docking station with a very stylish design and a detachable magnetic stand, where you can charge your Apple Watch.

As you can see, the stand is made of royal rosewood, which creates a very stylish look. And yeah, it can look good on pretty much any desk or nightstand. As a side note, it won’t work with cases, so you might as well consider removing yours, if you have one, in order to charge the iPhone 8, 8 Plus or X in this stand.

And we’re done! These are just a few of the best iPhone 8 docking stations, which can be used to quickly recharge your phone, but also as a really nice decoration for your desk and nightstand. Oh, and remember: they’re actually universal, so you can use them with an iPhone 8 Plus or the newly launched iPhone X as well.

As for picking our favorite, it was a pretty difficult decision, since all of these have awesome designs. However, in the end, we managed to decide upon one…

Our Pick: Bestand Charging Stand Holder

Once again, it was very difficult to make this pick, but in the end we did it, considering both the aspect and functionality. The Bestand Charging Stand Holder is one of the sleekest models of the moment, but also very practical, since it can charge two devices at the same time. And yes, the aluminum built, besides being very sturdy, also looks great on any surface, no matter the color of your phone.

But what about you guys? Which one of these iPhone 8 charging docks would you pick and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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