Best MacBook Pro sleeves 2016

A few days ago, Apple introduced the all new MacBook Pro line-up and we must admit that besides the specs and that really cool TouchBar, one of the things we like the most about it is the design. I mean, come on, we all know that Apple makes beautiful products (well, almost every time… *cough* iPhone battery case *cough*), but they have overdone themselves with the new MacBook.

However, we also know how easy to scratch these laptops are, so it would be a shame to deal with dents and other damage after paying a lot of money for it. Considering this, we took a look across Amazon and found ten of the best sleeves for MacBook Pro 2020, perfect for keeping your new laptop safe all the time!

1. Inateck Macbook Pro Sleeve

Inateck MacBook Pro Sleeve

Made of high-quality felt on the outside and featuring soft flannel on the inside, this practical sleeve for MacBook Pro 2020 will keep your laptop safe and absorb shocks, in the eventuality of a drop. It also features a synthetic leather and Velcro closure, for best security, and it comes with an additional small felt bag, for the laptop’s power adapter or mouse.

Get it for 15-inch MacBook Pro.

2. ProCase Sleeve Cover

ProCase MacBook Pro sleeve

Next we have a more stylish approach to the MacBook Pro 2020 sleeve, rocking a classical and slim fit design, making it ideal for business and school. The exterior is made of composition leather, while the soft microfiber interior is great for preventing scratches. Also, let’s not forget about the magnets which keep the lid closed and your laptop tightly in place. You can get it in Red, Black or Brown.

Get it for 13-inch MacBook Pro.

3. Soyan Microfiber Leather Sleeve Cover

Soyan MacBook Pro sleeve

If the previous entry in our top is not stylish enough for you, we have something that you will definitely like. Made of high quality microfiber leather on the outside and with a microfiber inner case, offering softness, durability and keeping scratches away, this sleeve will wrap around your MacBook, without adding any extra bulk. It has an extra flip pad, which can be used as a portable mouse pad, by the way. It’s available in Black and Rose Gold.

Get it for 15-inch MacBook Pro.

4. Sinoguo Felt and Leather Carrying Bag

Sinoguo MacBook Pro sleeve

Leather and felt will always look better, especially when they’re combined in order to create a MacBook Pro 2020 sleeve. Slim and lightweight, it won’t add any unnecessary bulk to your laptop and will easily slide into your briefcase, backpack or another bag. It has two pockets, providing enough room for storage, while the front pocket is ideal for small items, such as power adapters, cables, pens or notepads. It’s available in several color combinations.

Get it for 15-inch MacBook Pro.

5. Snugg Apple MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve

Snugg MacBook Pro sleeve

Another leather sleeve joins our top, this time coming from the folks over Snugg. It will perfectly fit your 15” MacBook Pro and it’s made of high quality materials. The magnetic flap secures the laptop, while the larger pocket is great for keeping documents, charging cables or even your phone. What we really like is that it’s available in a lot of colors, perfect for matching your style.

Get it for 15-inch MacBook Pro.

6. Tomtoc Ultra Slim Sleeve

Tomtoc Slim MacBook Pro sleeve 2016

The main reason why this sleeve for MacBook Pro 2020 made it to our top is the combination of colors and materials used for making it. To be more specific, we’re talking about caramel leather and a charcoal felt exterior, which look absolutely great. It also has a soft felt interior, making sure that your laptop is safe and sound. The sleeve features a custom side slit, for quick and easy access to the charging port, while still inside.

Get it for 13-inch MacBook Pro.

7. Lavievert Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro

Lavievert MacBook Pro 2016 sleeve

Moving on, we have another great looking model, made of sturdy felt and able to protect your device against accidental scratches and corner dings. Slim and very lightweight, it’s perfect for carrying your laptop around, while the external pocket on the front is great for storing a notebook or other accessories, like adaptors, headphones or other small gadgets. The leather corners add a very elegant touch, by the way, you can’t ignore them!

Get it for 15-inch MacBook Pro.

8. MoKo MacBook Protective Case Cover

MoKo MacBook Pro 2016 Sleeve

How about a suede cover for your MacBook Pro? Yeah, we knew you’ll like it! It’s made of premium leather on the exterior, while the soft felt interior will keep accidental scratches away from your precious laptop. Even though it’s a very slim case, it also features a built-in slot, ideal for storing small items, charger access, so you can charge the laptop while still in the sleeve, as well as a magnetic seal for the lid. It is available in Brown (which looks amazing), Black, Gray, Magenta, Purple and Red.

Get it for 13-inch MacBook Pro.

9. KAVAJ Sydney Leather Case

KAVAJ MacBook 2016 Sleeve

No matter if it’s Cognac-Brown or Black, this elegant MacBook Pro 2020 sleeve is easy to use and practical, featuring a high-quality zipper which offers quick and easy access to the laptop all the time. The soft flannel interior keeps scratches away and makes this case the ideal everyday companion for every MacBook user, also featuring space for business cards, credit cards or cash.

Get it for 13-inch MacBook Pro.

10. KANVASA MacBook Pro Case

Kanvasa MacBook Pro sleeve 2016

Finally, if you’re looking for a minimalistic sleeve, matching your MacBook Pro’s design, the KANVASA Muse is exactly what you need. It has a soft microfiber inner lining and well protected edges, preventing the computer from accidentally slipping out. The exterior is durable and stain-resistant and it features a convenient outer pocket, for storing adapters or cables.

Get it for 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Your pick?

And we’re all done! Above you can find ten of the best sleeves for MacBook Pro 2020, perfect for every taste and budget. If we had to choose, we’d definitely go for the MoKo Protective Case Cover. As mentioned above, the fact that it’s made of suede is the main aspect which made us pick it, not to mention how good it looks in brown.

But hey, we want to hear from you guys. Which model would you choose and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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