Best military garde iPhone 7 Plus case

Yes, we know, no matter how cool it is, the iPhone 7 Plus still remains a fragile device. And who wants to see such an expensive device slowly going to the floor and that beautiful display shattering? Yeah, thought so.

Fortunately, you can also opt for a case and the handset might get a second chance, but if you want to get rid of “might” and make sure that it’s still safe and sound, you definitely should check out some military grade iPhone 7 Plus cases.

Below you can find some of the best models currently available on Amazon, perfect for keeping that iPhone 7 Plus safe and sound all the time.

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1. X-Doria ImpactPro Series Case

X Doria iPhone 7 Plus military grade case

The bad thing about military grade iPhone 7 Plus cases is that they can be a bit bulky and completely cover your phone, so there’s basically no way of showcasing the design, which, we must admit, is top notch.

However, if you opt for a model from X-Doria, with an ultra clear design, things will change! It has a triple shock protective layer, with PolyOne liner, able to absorb even the hardest impacts, while the raised lip protects the screen against scratches. Sounds good, right? It’s available with a Teal, Pink, Black or White bumper.

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2. Rockform Military Grade iPhone 7 Plus Case

Rokform military grade iPhone 7 Plus case

Moving on, we have another tough case, with a hard polycarbonate outer shell and a soft impact resistant core, exceeding military drop test standards MIL-STD 810G-516.6, so you don’t need to worry about shocks and drops.

Also, thanks to the special Neodymium magnet, you can easily stick the phone to almost any magnetic surface, as long as the case is on, while the patented twist lock system allows you to mount it on a variety of optional accessories for bikes, cars motorcycles and more. It comes with an included car mount and it’s available in several color combinations.

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3. Itskins Spectrum Clear Case

Itskins military grade iPhone 7 Plus case

Yeah, we have a thing for these clear cases, especially if they’re able to take some serious shocks. Thanks to the four corner air pocket anti-shock system and the shatterproof TPU it’s made of, the case keeps your iPhone 7 protected all the time.

Also, it’s military grade certified, so it can withstand scratches as well, while maintaining a relatively slim profile, considering its hardness. If the clear design is not the most interesting for you, you can also opt for a bit of color, like Red, Black, Light Pink or Light Purple.

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4. X-Doria Military Grade iPhone 7 Plus Case

X Doria carbon fiber military grade iPhone 7 Plus case

The folks over X-Doria made it once again with two products in our top, but hey, what can we do if their cases are so cool? This one, for example, has a machined aluminum frame, providing military-level drop protection, while maintaining and incredibly slim profile.

On the inside, it features a soft rubber lining, combined with a hard polycarbonate shell, for protection, while the raised lip protects your screen from drops and surface scratches.  It’s available in a couple of very interesting combinations, like Rose Gold, Blue and Gold, Black Leather or an amazing Carbon Fiber model.

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5. Zizo Military Grade iPhone 7 Plus Case

Zizo military grade iPhone 7 Plus case

Until now, we came across simple designs, trying to keep the phone as light as possible, but on the other side, if you want to go completely wild, this model from Zizo can be what you need.

Besides the wild design, it manages to protect your iPhone 7and, a very big plus, is the fact that it comes with an integrated 9H hardness tempered glass protector, measuring just 0.33 mm in thickness. You can get it in a lot of colors and color combinations!

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6. Patchworks Military Grade iPhone 7 Plus Case

Patchworks iPhone 7 Plus military grade case

This company has a very interesting military grade iPhone 7 Plus case in its portfolio, featuring the Corner Impact Protection by Poron XRD and made of Extreme Impact Absorber, currently considered as the most advanced shock resistant material, meeting the MIL-STD-810G standard.

It’s soft and flexible, providing increased resistance and it has precise cutouts, with access to all ports and buttons. You can opt for a transparent model, as well as Black, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold or Silver.

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7. Elago Armor Case

Elago iPhone 7 Plus military grade case

Finally, the last entry in our ‘military grade iPhone 7 Plus cases’ top is a model that, at a first look, can hardly be considered a rugged case, due to its very elegant look and the reduced amount of bulk it adds to the phone.

It’s military drop test certified, being made with LEXAN resin, also used in NFL or NASA helmets, as well as bullet proof glass. In case of a drop, it will distribute the shock away from the camera and display, since these areas are the most susceptible to damage.

Finally, it features a secret pocket, inside of the case, allowing you to carry cards or cash. Pretty awesome, if you ask us. You can get it in four different colors.

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Our Pick

Ok, so you now have some great military grade iPhone 7 Plus cases to choose from, but we also need to pick our personal favorite. Today, the award goes to Elago’s model, which is absolutely incredible. This case maintains your phone’s slim profile and it’s also very, but very strong! And in the end, this is what we’re all looking for, right?

Which one of these models would you choose? The comments section below is waiting for your opinions!


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