Best Fitbit charge 2 replacement bands

When it comes to the best fitness bands of the moment, there’s no doubt that the Fitbit Charge 2 is one of them, fact revealed by all the positive feedback received in the tech community.

Also, besides the great functionality and tons of features it provides, what we really like about this wearable is that it’s customizable! To be more specific, we’re talking about changing the bands.

There are a lot of great looking, high quality models available, but like always, we’re here to help you choose only the best ones, so, after taking a look on Amazon, we managed to put together a list with some of the best Fitbit Charge 2 bands you can buy right now. Let’s see what we have for you guys.

Some of the best Fitbit Charge 2 bands:

1. Hanlesi Silicon Adjustable Strap

Hanlesi Fitbit charge 2 band

The first band in our top comes from Hanlesi and it’s a lightweight and durable model, made of environmental friendly and non-toxic silicone, feeling great on your hand.

It’s also flexible and very durable and it features a stainless steel buckle, making it very easy to install and remove.

Due to the material it’s made of, it’s great for those who use the band for tracking very intense workout. You can get it in seven different colors.

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2. Vancle Genuine Leather Strap

Vancle Fitbit charge 2 band

On the other side, if you prefer a more elegant style, you can opt for a leather band for your Fitbit Charge 2, made of high quality, genuine materials, making it soft, durable and very comfortable to wear.

The stainless steel watch buckle ensures stability, not to mention that it’s very easy to install, remove or resize.

What we really like a lot about it is that it’s available in several colors, that Coffee Brown being a very good looking model!

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3. TreasureMax Stainless Steel Band

Treasuremax Fitbit band

Next in our ‘Best Fitbit Charge 2 Bands’ top comes a model made of stainless steel, available in various designs or colors, like Rose Gold, Silver or Black.

It has a strong magnetic clasp, so there’s no need for a buckle. Besides this, it’s very easy to mount, without any tools!

Everything you need to do is just stick the Charge 2 in it and lock it! Definitely one of our favorite models!

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4. Hotodeal Fitbit Charge 2 Band

Hotodeal Fitbit charge 2 band

Oh, so you would like a nice leather strap for your Fitbit Charge 2?

How about this really cool model from Hotodeal, made of premium cowhide leather with oil edge process craft, nice pliability, durable and skin-friendly?

It’s simple and secure, being very easy to install and replace, not to mention that it has a high-end metal clasp, safely locking the fitness tracker around your wrist.

As for the colors…well, you have a lot of them to choose from!

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5. Bayite Leather Band

bayite leather Fitbit charge 2 band

One of the best Fitbit Charge 2 bands we’ve come across comes from Bayite and looks incredibly good.

Made of premium materials and featuring a stainless steel watch buckle, it looks great on the hand and it’s easy to resize.

And if you’re the type of users who likes to have even its fitness band matching his or her outfit, you can pick it in various colors, like Matt Brown, Black, Chocolate Brown, Gold, Matt Grey or Silver.

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6. HUMENN Fitbit Charge 2 Band

Humenn replacement band for Fitbit charge 2

Made of flexible and durable elastomer material, with a surgical-grade stainless steel buckle, this Fitbit Charge 2 band is sweat, rain, splash and water resistant, being designed for high intensity workouts and sleep tracking.

It’s easy to install and, most importantly, available in ten different colors, so you can easily match it with your outfits or style. A great choice for all you sports enthusiasts and not only!

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7. KingBass Metal Bracelent Band

Kingbass replacement band for Fitbit charge 2

Hey, who said that fitness trackers are just for guys?

Ladies can also wear them, so we thought about including a special Fitbit Charge 2 band in our top, designed especially for them!

You can personalize the tracker with a refined metal bracelet band, sporting an elegant look!

It’s made of high quality materials, durable and solid, but maintaining an increase comfort while wearing them. It’s available with various finishes, like Silver or Rose Gold, as well as a few exquisite designs.

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8. MoKo Soft Silicone Sport Band

Moko replacement band for Fitbit charge 2

Next in our top comes another great Fitbit Charge 2 band, designed for those who like to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Carefully designed and manufacturer, it’s perfect for your wrist, being soft and flexible, not to mention it feels very comfortable next to your skin.

The buckle blends naturally with the charm of the watchband, ensuring secure closure, while the precise multiple holes design lets you adjust to the suitable length. You can get it in six different colors.

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9. UMTELE Soft Silicone Sport Strap

Umtele replacement band for Fitbit charge 2

Available in 12 colors, this soft silicone band for Fitbit Charge 2 comes with watch lugs on both ends, so you can easily replace it.

It’s made of comfortable and water-resistant materials, being great for sports and not only.

To be more specific, we’re talking about an elastic smooth silicone, with a smooth finish, which creates a sporty look and can add a nice personal touch! It’s definitely the perfect strap for all you sports fans out there!

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10 . Bayite Stailnless Steel Milanese Band

bayite replacement band for Fitbit charge 2

Finally, the last entry in our top is another Bayite product, but rocking a Milanese Loop design and available in eight different colors.

It has a unique magnet clasp design, being easily adjustable. Everything you need to do is just stick and lock your watch band easily! If you ask us, you can’t go unnoticed with this band!

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Our Pick: MoKo Silicone Band

And this is it! Above you can find ten of the best Fitbit Charge 2 bands, perfect for adding a personal touch to your fitness tracker. Since we’re talking about the best models, there’s no doubt that all of them look excellent and we’d totally buy any of them.

However, we’re talking about a tracker that works great for sports enthusiasts, so, in this case, we’d go with MoKo’s silicone band!

But what about you? Which one of these bands would you buy and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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