best 10.5-inch iPad Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

There’s something with Apple devices that makes them very slippery and a lot of users end up with a cracked display. And this goes for tablets as well, not just smartphones! Yeah, it’s a shame to have a big tablet, like the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, for example, with a shattered screen…

But fear no more, as, like always, we have a fix for this! We’re talking about screen protectors, of course, and not just any models, but made from tempered glass, able to take a bit of the impact and save your iPad’s screen.

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There are a lot of models available right now, but we like to believe that we managed to select the best of them, after our quick look on Amazon.

These seven of the best 10.5-inch iPad Pro tempered glass screen protectors:

1. amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

best 10.5-inch iPad Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector from amfilm

Starting our top, we have this premium grade tempered glass screen protector, specifically designed for the 10.5″-inch iPad Pro. The film is scratch-proof, resilient, crystal clear and long lasting, offering optimum screen protection. And it’s also compatible with the Apple Pencil!

The screen protector can absorb damage from daily wear and tear and has an oleophobic coating that keeps fingerprints and smudges away. In the package, besides the tempered glass film, installation instructions, dust removal stickers, wet and dry wipes, and a squeegee, perfect for removing bubbles.

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2. IQShield Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

best 10.5-inch iPad Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector from iqshield

The next 10.5-inch iPad Pro tempered glass screen protector from our selection comes from IQShield and it’s made of tempered ballistic glass, able to provide true HD images on your device, compared to other protectors. Designed from a single sheet of glass, it measures just 0.33mm in thickness and has a 9H hardness, protecting against scratches and scrapes, without adding bulk to your tablet.

The feature list is completed by hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, preventing sweat and oil from staying on the surface of the screen, as well as rounded edges, fitting on the display perfectly. The dust and bubble-free installation allows easy application, while the “Accurate Touch technology keeps the screen fully responsive.

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3. Skinomi Tech Glass Screen Protector

best 10.5-inch iPad Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector from skinomi

The folks over at Skinomi are present here as well in our top, with a screen protector made of quality tempered glass and offering 99.9% clarity. The film features an electro and oleophobic coated surface, preventing particles from nesting on the surface.

Despite all these properties, the film remains very thing, but still able to protect the device even against the most brutal impacts. Oh, and it maintains the display’s full responsiveness, it’s easy to install and case friendly, so you can use it with any model, with no issues at all.

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4. OMOTON Tempered Glass Screen Protector

best 10.5-inch iPad Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector from omoton

With laser-cut dimensions, providing maximum protection for the screen of your device, OMOTON’s film is definitely one of the best 10.5-inch iPad Pro tempered glass screen protectors. Thanks to the 9H hardness, it’s able to keep away unwanted scuffs and scratches made by keys or other hard objects.

Despite these properties, it’s still able to deliver an HD Retina clarity, while the hydrophobic and oleophobic coating protects against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints. It’s compatible with the Apple Pencil and measures just 0.26mm in thickness, making it one of the slimmest screen protectors on the market.

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5. iLLumiShield HD Clear Tempered Ballistic Glass

best 10.5-inch iPad Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector from ilumishield

Able to provide premium protection, this tempered ballistic glass film is designed to resists and absorb shock unlike traditional PET and TPU protective screen covers. The Clear Tech protective coat has oleophobic properties, able to repel fingerprints and grime, while maintaining a 99.9% transparency and allowing users to enjoy crystal clear images.

Just like the other models in our top, it has a 9H hardness and just 0.33mm in thickness, adding unparalleled protection, without any unnecessary bulk. Oh, and it’s very easy to install, so you don’t need to worry about those bubbles we all hate!

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6. SPARIN Tempered Glass Screen Protector

best 10.5-inch iPad Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector from sparin

Simple and quick to install, this tempered glass protector is three times stronger than most models on the market, being able to protect your iPad Pro’s display from any unwanted scratches and scuffs.

Despite the level of hardness, it’s a super thin model, maintaining the high touch sensitivity, even with the Apple Pencil. Also, it provides HD Retina Clarity, for a top notch viewing experience. Thanks to the exact cut-out and 2.5D round edges, it’s also compatible with any case you can think!

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7. yoozon Tempered Screen Protector

best 10.5-inch iPad Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector from yoozon

Finally, the latest entry in our top of the best 10.5-inch iPad Pro tempered glass screen protectors comes from yoozon and it’s laser cut, providing maximum screen coverage. Made with premium Grade A Japanese tempered glass, it’s scratch resistant and shatterproof, protecting your screen in case of an impact.

The oleophobic and anti-fingerprint coating keeps the screen clean, while the 0.33mm thickness maintains the original response sensitivity of the display. Of course, the image quality is not affected at all either! Besides the protective film, you will also receive a microfiber cleaning cloth, alcohol package, dust stickers and an installation manual.

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And we’re pretty much done, everybody! These are some of the best 10.5-inch iPad Pro tempered glass screen protectors you can buy right now! Of course, most of them are pretty much the same thing, so it’s up to you to decide which one of them is the best for your tablet. Still, we must admit that we have one favorite…

Our pick: amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The main reason why we picked amFilm’s tempered glass protector over the other models is the fact that it completely covers the front of the tablet, even that small portion under the home button. Basically, it has cutouts just for the camera and home button, both of them perfectly round, so anybody will have a hard time noticing it.

But what about you? Which one of these would you opt for and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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