Best designer iPhone 7 case

No matter what some people say, an iPhone 7 is nowadays a statement, as it can, in some way or another, differentiate its owner from other smartphone users. But what if we told you that there’s a way of making your phone stand out even more, with a case?

Of course, we’re not talking about a random model, but designer iPhone 7 cases, which you don’t see on any device out there. Sounds great, right? After looking over Amazon, we found some great looking models, which can make a perfect Christmas gift!

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So, without much further ado, here are ten of the best designer iPhone 7 cases!

1. Rebecca Minkoff Double Up Case

Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 7 designer case

Besides increasing your phone’s protection level, thanks to the tough removable bumper, this case features metallic buttons, which add an extra edge and ease of use, as well as a self-healing finish, for added durability.

However, the attraction point is the marble print, with silver foil accents, which transforms this case into a really unique accessory for your iPhone 7! Doesn’t it look just great?

2. Sugar Paper Printed Case

Sugar Paper designer iPhone 7 case

Looking for something funkier?

This iPhone 7 case is styled in sugar paper’s signature colors and materials, maintaining a sleek and slim profile, perfect for everyday use.

It also features a shock-resistant clear bumper, so the sides, the parts which deal with most of the damage, will be sage and sound.

3. Sonix Cell Phone Case

Sonix designer iPhone 7 case

Unlike the previous two models, the folks over Sonix offer this case in tons of options! 22 of them, to be more specific.

It has an anti-scratch UV coating, as well as raised shock absorbent rubber sides, while the press-protected buttons are great for everyday use.

The phone was drop tested, so it’s able to deal even with some of the most serious shocks. A great pick, as you should definitely find a variant matching your style!

4. Dimaka Retro Stylish Case

Dimaka iPhone 7 designer case

Dimaka also was a wide array of iPhone 7 cases in its portfolio, matching every style and taste.

Also, besides looking food, these designer iPhone 7 cases are made with two layers – one soft TPU cushion interior case and one outer hard shell, made of premium plastic – increasing the phone’s protection.

The raised lip keeps scratches away from the screen, while the precise cutouts provide easy buttons and port access.

5. Anker SlimShell Protective Case

Anker iPhone 7 designer case

Anker is a brand known for making excellent smartphone accessories and this iPhone 7 case is no exception. It’s not really a designer model, but it looks incredibly good.

Made of PU leather and linen, it will help your iPhone stand out of the crowd, as well as protect it against bumps and drops.

The raised front rim safeguards your screen, even when it’s placed face down. At just 23 grams, it’s among the lightest cases out there! You can get it in Gray, Black and Brown.

6. Bastex Luxury Gold Bumper Case

Bastex designer iPhone 7 case

Ok, if you really want to stand out of the crowd, a golden case will totally do it.

If you fancy this idea, you might as well check out this designer iPhone 7 case from Bastex, made of oil, grease and abrasion resistant TPU, also being able to protect the phone from scratches and dust.

It comes with a heart-shaped ring on the back, which works as a kickstand, being perfect for hands-free media viewing.

The case also has a tough bumper on the sides (available in Rose Gold as well), which makes sure the corners are constantly safe!

7. Swees Shockproof Case

Swees designer iPhone 7 case

The next designer iPhone 7 case in our top comes from Swess and it’s available with six different finishes, as well as completely transparent.

Daisy, Flowervine, Fox, Hiddencat, Lovetree and Totem are the variants you can choose from. However, the special designs aren’t the only thing which makes this case great!

It has a scratch resistant coating on both inner and outer sides, so you don’t need to worry about your iPhone taking any damage with this on.

8. Gear Beast Ultra Protective Case

Gear Beast designer iPhone 7 case

Who said that rugged cases can’t look good? For example, this model from Gear Beast, available in Pink, Black and Gray, immediately pops out, thanks to its sleek design!

It has a MIL-STD 810G 516.6 certification, meaning that even after some of the most serious drops your phone will remain in one piece.

It’s made of composite polycarbonate and TPU, combined with an advanced shock absorbing design, maximizing the protection. Also, thanks to the channel design on the inside, it improves heat dissipation and delivers a great sound!

9. Hanlesi Shiny Protective Case

Hanlesi designer iPhone 7 case

A little glitter doesn’t hurt, right? This case from Hanlesi is available in 14 different colors and sparkles in a really cool way under the light!

Besides this, it also offers a significant amount of protection to your phone, thanks to the 3 layer structure, consisting in a TPU soft shell, a flash of silver film and a transparent PC frosted shell on the inside, keeping all those nasty scratches and bumps away.

10. 3Cworld Ultra Thin Case

3cworld designer case for iPhone 7

Finally, the last designer iPhone 7 case in our top comes from 3Cworld and it’s available with 11 different finishes!

Also, what we really like about it is the ultra thin profile, measuring just 0.4 mm, adding a barely noticeable amount of bulk to your phone!

The case is made of high quality TPU, which keeps your phone safe against scratches and other types of damage which occurs from daily wear and tear.

Our Pick

And we’re all done! Below you have ten of the best designer iPhone 7 cases in our opinion. As for a personal favorite, we’d totally go for the Anker SlimShell Protective Case. It’s simple and well made, while the leather-linen combo looks really good on and iPhone 7.

Of course, this is just us, because in the end, it’s just a matter of personal taste. Considering this, let us know which case would you buy for your phone, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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