Best iPhone 7 holster belt clip case

Using a belt clip case for your iPhone 7 might not be the most stylish option, but it’s one of the safest ways to carry it around!

Right now, you can find a lot of models online, but it’s pretty hard to choose, since most of them look very good.

If you’re after such accessory too, we’ve made things easier for you, picking ten of the best iPhone 7 holsters and arranged them in a top.

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1. i-Blaston iPhone 7 Holster Case

i-Blason iPhone 7 holster

This thing looks surprisingly good! It’s a dual layer case, with an impact resistant exterior and double enforced shock absorbing inner sleeve, so you don’t need to worry at all if you manage to drop your phone.

The hard back case slips into a side mount belt clip swivel holster, perfect for conveniently carrying the iPhone 7. It also converts into a stand, with different viewing angles, being perfect for anybody who likes to consume media! It’s available for just $14.99.

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2. Supcase iPhone 7 Holster Case

Supcase iPhone 7 holster

Next, we have a dual layer case, with a polycarbonate hard shell and flexible TPU body, providing protection against accidental drops, bumps and shocks. The front cover has a built-in screen protector, able to prevent scratches and working flawlessly, without compromising the sensitivity of the display.

The hard back case clips into a side mount belt clip, so you can safely carry your iPhone 7 with ease. It’s available in five different color combinations, for $19.99.

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3. CoverON Explorer Series iPhone 7 Holster Case

CoverOn iPhone 7 Holster Case

Available for just $9.99 and made of a shockproof silicone inner layer and with a rigid polycarbonate outer layer, this iPhone 7 belt clip case is able to provide full protection for your handset.

Both the case and belt clip have integrated kickstands, perfect for hands free viewing. Oh, and it’s available in Black, Electric Blue, Neon Green and Neon Orange.

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4. Galaxy Wireless Black Swivel Slim Belt Clip

Galaxy Wireless iPhone 7 Case belt clip case

Ironically, this case Belt Clip Case for iPhone 7 is made by a manufacturer sharing almost the same name with the handset’s biggest competitor.

However, what we’re interested in is the rubber-feel this case has, as well as the built-in kickstand, great for those moments when you want to enjoy some media on the phone. It’s available for a really good price, of just $9.85.

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5. Encased iPhone 7 Holster Case

Encased iPhone 7 holster case

With an ergonomic design, non-slip micro finish and a raised-lip screen protection, this case is a really elegant choice! The soft touch finish adds protection and reduces the slipperiness of the phone, while the precise cutouts offer access to all buttons and ports.

It also comes with a rotating belt clip, easily adjustable at 180 degrees, for both right and left handed use. Oh, and it includes a kickstand as well, because why not? You can get it right now, for $11.42.

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6. Tirnga DropPRoof Touch Armor Case

Tirnga iPhone 7 holster belt clip

If you want to make sure that your iPhone 7 is safe all the time, this massive case should be your number one choice! Yes, it adds a lot of bulk to your phone, but it can provide full protection against some of the most hard drops!

It comes with a 360 rotating belt-clip holster, as well as a kickstand, for hands-free media viewing, being available for $14.99.

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7. CellBee Premium Leather Pouch

CellBee iPhone 7 holster belt clip case

We must admit that we have a thing for leather cases, so there’s no wonder that this model from CellBee is one of our favorites. Specifically designed for the iPhone 7, it can hold your phone even with a case one and it’s equipped with a durable belt clip swivel that can rotate 360 degrees.

It has a soft inner lining, helping protect your new phone from cracks and scratches. You can purchase it for a very reliable price, of just $9.99.

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8. BOMEA Hard Case with Belt Clip

Bomea iPhone 7 belt clip holster

Next on our list with the best iPhone 7 holsters is a relatively simple, but tough model. Even though it’s lightweight, it’s able to provide durable protection, not to mention that it looks really good, thanks to the rubberized material used for making it, which increases the grip.

It has an included kickstand and it’s currently available with a price tag of $9.59.

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9. Evocel iPhone 7 Holster Case

Evocel iPhone 7 belt clip holster case

Another tough case makes it to our top, with a very futuristic design! The hard outer shell, made of polycarbonate, keeps nicks, smudges and scratches away, while the soft inner lining wraps around your phone to help cushion it against the day-to-day wear and tear.

It also has a raised lip, able to absorb the impact cause by low impact drops. On the back, it has a removable 180-degree swivel belt clip, so you can easily carry it around, with an included kickstand. You can get it for just $9.99.

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10. Microseven Black Swivel Holster Case

Microseven iPhone 7 holster case

Last but not least, we have a case that for $9.55 offer a more than decent amount of protection, besides looking really good, thanks to a textured rubber exterior, which significantly increases the grip of your iPhone 7.

It’s slim and light, with an included holster on the back, as well as a kickstand, very well hidden in the case.

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Our pick

Ok, time for the fun part. It’s pretty hard to pick an iPhone 7 Belt Clip Case, as most of them might look bulky, but we feel that the i-Blaston Transformer Combo Holster Cover Case is the model we’d totally buy.

Besides the huge amount of protection it adds to your phone, it also manages to keep a slim profile, which is very important for us.

What are your thoughts on this? Is our choice the same as yours or you prefer other models? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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