Best iPhone 7 Plus armband

If you’re an active person and sport is a very important part of your life, you’re most likely going for a run daily or at least a few times per week.

That is great, but let’s face it, sometimes it can be pretty annoying to carry your phone in your pocket, as well as keys and other stuff you can’t leave home without. And if your phone is a pretty big model, like an iPhone 7 Plus, for example, things get even more complicated.

Considering this, we’ve put together a list with ten of the best iPhone 7 Plus armbands, perfect for when you’re going out for a run and not only.

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Without much further ado, let’s begin!

1. Gear Beast Premium iPhone 7 Plus Armband

Best iPhone 7 Plus armband gear beast

First in our top is an armband designed for every athlete or beginner seeking for improving his running! Suitable for a smartphone or an iPod, this ultra-thing model, featuring a 0.3mm screen protector, it’s perfect for a run, as it keeps your devices safe and allows easy access to buttons.

It’s made from high quality, sweat resistant neoprene and it comes with an elastic arm strap, ensuring a comfortable fit. You can have it for just $10.99.

Buy Gear Beast Premium Plus Armband from Amazon.

2. Xboun Sweatproof iPhone 7 Plus Armband

Best iPhone 7 Plus armband Xboun

Next, we’re looking at a more complex model, providing enough space for your phone, keys and some cash. Made from tough and flexible neoprene, it fits perfectly on your hand and it won’t move at all while you’re running.

The see-through cover keeps your screen protected and provides easy access to all functions, without removing the phone from the armband. You can get it in various colors, for just $14.99.

Buy Xboun Sweatproof Sports Armband here.

3. SPARIN Running iPhone 7 Plus Armband

Sparin iPhone 7 Plus armband

One of the best looking iPhone 7 Plus armbands comes from the folks over SPARIN. It’s made from the highest quality soft neoprene and offering full screen coverage, yet retaining full touch screen functionality, the case will perfectly fit your handset.

It also provides space for your keys or some cash, as well as a pair of headphones. You can get this armband for just $9.99.

Buy SPARIN Sports Running Armband here.

4. JOTO Sport Exercise Armband

Best iPhone 7 Plus armband Joto

Made from premium lightweight neoprene, sweat proof and durable, this really good looking model from Joto comes with a built-in key holder, as well as ID/Credit card/Cash holder and earphone jack openings, making a perfect choice for anybody who can’t go out for a run without these basics. It perfectly fits the iPhone 7 Plus and it can be yours for $10.99.

Buy JOTO Sport Exercise Armband here.

5. Ionic Pro ACTIVE Sport Armband

Ionic active sport armband for iPhone 7 Plus

For just $9.85, you can get this simple, yet effective armband for iPhone 7 Plus, providing maximum protection and comfort. You can easily slip the phone in it, while the transparent film allows you to use the phone, as well as the touchscreen. Oh, and let’s not forget about the key holder, another plus of this model.

Buy Ionic Pro ACTIVE Sport Armband here.

6. TechMatte Sport iPhone 7 Plus Armband

TechMatte iPhone 7 Plus armband

Moving on, we’re looking at a model from TechMatte, made of high-quality Lycra fabric, which makes it super soft, light and comfortable. You have very easy access to the power and volume button, if you want to control your music while running, while the key and card pockets are also a very nice addition.

The armband itself is water resistant and sweat proof, so you don’t need to worry about your phone getting all sticky and wet during intensive workouts. It retails for a really great price, of just $9.99.

Buy TechMatte Sport iPhone 7 Plus Armband here.

7. Fcolor Sport iPhone 7 Plus Armband

Best iPhone 7 Plus armband-fcolor

IF you’re looking for something that can help you stand out of the crowd a bit, then this armband from Fcolor is exactly what you need. Available in 6 different colors, it’s made from high-quality Lycra and it provides space for your keys, ID cards, credit cards or money.

It has headphone jack holes, so you can easily plug them in your phone, while the cable organizer will keep tangled wires away. You can get one for $11.99. Hint: Check out that Gray and Blue model, it looks stunning!

Buy Fcolor Sport Armband Case here.

8. Haissky Sport Running iPhone 7 Plus Armband

Haissky iPhone 7 Plus running armband

Made from lightweight lycra, this iPhone 7 Plus armband is molded to twist and bend, but will not stretch out of shape. On the back, it has a built-in key holder, so you can minimize the amount of stuff you carry while going for a run or even a workout session.

The touchscreen will work perfectly through the clear cover, so you won’t have to take the phone out every time you need to check something on it. This model is available for $12.99.

Buy Haissky Sport Running Armband here.

9. Vofolen Big Arm Cellphone Pouch

Best iPhone 7 Plus armband-vofolen

Honestly, we don’t know if we can call this a simple armband or a wallet. No, this thing is a real bag which can be worn on your hand. Yeah, that’s more like it. For just $9.99, you can get this adjustable ‘armband’, able to fit a lot of stuff, like phone, keys, credit cards, IDs, cash, an iPod, an external battery and so on.

It has two compartments, both sealed with zippers, so all your things will stay inside safely. It’s built from quality neoprene, meaning that it’s water resistant and sweat proof.

Buy Vofolen Big Arm Cellphone Pouch here.

10. Supcase Easy Fitting Sport Running Armband

Supcase best iPhone 7 Plus-armband

Finally, the last entry in our ‘best iPhone 7 Plus Armbands’ top is this model from Supcase, available in Black and Pink, if you want to add a bit of color to your jogging look. It’s made from silicone and it keeps your device in place during workouts.

You can remove the strap and use it as a standalone case, by the way! Sounds cool, right? You can get it for $14.49, in Black, or $17.49, if you want the Pink model.

Buy Supcase Easy Fitting Sport Running Armband here.

And we’re done, joggers! You can find above ten of the best iPhone 7 Plus armbands, perfect for keeping your smartphones safe and sound during your workouts. Most of them are universal, meaning that you can also use them with other smartphones!

Like always, out comments section is open, so if you find other nice models, do tell us about them, by dropping a few lines!


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