Best waterproof iPhone 7 case

Everybody had an idea about what to expect from this year’s iPhone 7, but the Cupertino-based manufacturer took us by surprise when they announced that the handset will feature an IP67 certification, making it water and dust resistant, a first for Apple’s handsets.

Of course, we’re all aware of the fact that this doesn’t mean that we can literally take the phone for a swim, as this certification means that it can be sunken in water for 30 minutes, but no deeper than one meter.

Basically, this feature is great for those urgent moments when you need to answer a call during a shower or while it’s raining outside. Or if you happen to drop the iPhone 7 in the toilet, that is. Yeah, stuff like this happens.

Therefore, we’ve looked for the best waterproof iPhone 7 cases, perfect for those who want to use the handset in water, without worrying about the depth and for how long it stays there.

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Here are the best iPhone 7 waterproof cases:

1. Sparin iPhone 7 Waterproof Case

Sparin iPhone 7 waterproof case

Especially designed for your new iPhone 7, this model from Sparin features IP68 certification, meaning that you can submerge your phone in 2 meters deep water, for one hour, as it’s completely protected.

It also comes with raised rubber corners, which can withstand drops from up to two meters, so it’s obvious that we’re dealing with a pretty tough accessory here. Finally, the sound quality won’t be affected, thanks to the audio enhanced design.

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2. Meritcase Waterproof iPhone 7 Case

Meritcase iPhone 7 waterproof case

If you want something that’s a bit tougher, you might as well check this model from Meritcase. This iPhone 7 waterproof case features IP68 certification and it’s completely sealed, so you can take some great underwater footage, without worrying about the amount your time your phone spends sunken.

The case is also shockproof, with a flexible soft back cover, increasing the amount of protection. Finally, the anti-scratch sensitive screen protector won’t affect the quality of the image at all! You can get it in Aqua, Black or White, as well as transparent.

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3. i-Blason iPhone 7 Waterproof Case

Best waterproof iPhone 7 caes-i-blason

Now here we’re looking at something more stylish, fitting your phone perfectly. One of the best iPhone 7 waterproof cases comes from i-Blason and it features a polycarbonate hardshell, being made from TPU materials, resulting in a super durable design.

The front cover has a built-in screen protector, keeping scratches away without compromising touch sensitivity, even underwater. You can have it for just $21.99.

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4. NexGadget Waterproof Case

NextGadget iPhone 7 waterproof case

We know, most iPhone 7 waterproof cases add a lot of bulk to your phone, but there are some models, like this one, from NexGadget, which manage to maintain a sleek profile. Besides fully sealing up your phone, with complete access to all buttons, the case also comes with an ultra thin film, protecting the TouchID.

It meets the IP68 Ingress protection rating, as well as the 810F-516 military standard, so you don’t need to worry about your phone taking damage, while the loudspeaker enhancement design will deliver a great audio experience.

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5. Ricele Premium Wateproof Case

Ricele iPhone 7 waterproof case

We must admit that this case looks like a scuba diver! It’s made of premium materials, with ports able to block dust, while the rugged polycarbonate frame, with exceeding military standard, can withstand shocks and drops from 2 meters.

The speakers are covered by non-permeable membranes, so you can record with sound while under the water. Also, the front features a built-in screen protector which doesn’t compromise the functionality. It’s available in Black, Red, Silver and Yellow.

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6. iThrough Heavy Duty Protective Case

iThrough iPhone 7 waterproof case

Just like the other iPhone 7 waterproof cases from our top, this model also features IP68 certification and it’s designed to give your phone comprehensive protection against water, dirt, snow and shocks.

The TouchID is perfectly functional, as well as the side buttons and controls. It comes with an ultra crystal clear front screen protector, so you can take photos with ease, while underwater. Also, it includes a neck strap, for easy carrying. You can get it in Black, Pink, White and Lake Blue.

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7. Bovon iPhone 7 Waterproof Case with Universal Holder

Bovon iPhone 7 waterproof case

Perfectly fitting your iPhone, the case provides IP68 certification, as well as an impressive amount of protection, thanks to the rugged polycarbonate frame, with exceeded military standard.

Besides other features, like the included screen protector, it also comes with a kickstand, so you can comfortably watch videos hands free, as well as a lanyard, for convenient carrying. You can get it in Black, Blue and Pink.

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Our pick

Honestly, it was difficult to choose our favorite iPhone 7 waterproof case, since all these models are excellent, all of them rocking the same features. Therefore, it was the design that influenced our decision, and from this point of view, Sparin’s model looks pretty darn amazing!

And we’re all done! Below you can find ten of the best waterproof iPhone 7 cases on the market, perfect for those who want to use their phones in very wet conditions and not only.

Also, since we’re talking about the insanely popular iPhone 7, we know that there are way more models available. Do you know any other models? Let us know about them, using the comments section below!


  1. I take it none of these cases cover the Home “button”. Because if they do the new button will not work. I tried my waterproof bag that I have previously used, and it does not work with the iPhone 7.

  2. The durability on the catalyst case is questionable and the company does not stand behind the warranty that they print with the phone. The plastic on Mine cracked and tore and they wouldn’t replace it. The express written warranty says that for a year they’ll take care of any materials or workmanship defects, but all they would offer was 50% off the purchase price of a new case.


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