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There are just a few days left until one of the most expected Android phones of the year, the LG G6, will finally make its debut during a special event scheduled for the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona!

However, like pretty much every year, we already know all the interesting stuff about the South Korean manufacturer’s next flagship, starting with the way it looks and ending with what’s hidden under the hood. Also, what if we told you that we know a few things about some of the coolest accessories for it as well?

That’s right, ladies and gents, we’re talking about cases! Some of the most reputed manufacturers have already started selling cases for the LG G6, so anybody planning to buy it can be prepared. After a bit of research, we found 10 of the best models of the moment and put them in a list.

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Without much further ado, these are the best LG G6 cases you can buy right now:

1. Spigen Rugged LG G6 Case

best lg g6 case from spigen 1

Like most times, Spigen has to be present in such a top, with an excellent model, featuring glossy accents and carbon fiber textures.

The case is made of flexible TPU and has an interior spider-web pattern, as well as a raised lip, perfect for protecting the display against scratches, when the phone is placed face down.

The Air Cushion Technology is great at taking shocks, while the tactile buttons offer solid feedback, for an easy press. The bad part is that it’s available just in Black, but hey, it looks absolutely awesome!

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2. Maxboost LG G6 Case

best lg g6 case from maxboost

Next in our ‘best LG G6 cases’ comes an ultra slim model from Maxboost, made of sturdy polycarbonate, providing added protection, while maintaining a slim profile for your smartphone. It includes 4-side protection, covered corners and a raised edge, to protect the display.

It’s precisely designed for the G6, featuring cutouts for ports, buttons and speaker, while the premium matte-finish coating significantly increases the grip of the phone, while providing maximum scratch resistance. You can get it just in Black.

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3. Spigen Thin Fit Case

best lg g6 case from spigen 2

Yes, another Spigen LG G6 case makes it to our top, but this time we’re looking at a simple model, made of premium polycarbonate and with a slim profile, for a natural impression.

The buttons are exposed and the port openings offer quick and easy access to all functions.

Also, the case has a Smooth Black finish, with a coating that ensures an increased grip, so you don’t need to worry about dropping the G6 with this model on!

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4. Trianium LG G6 Cover

best lg g6 case from trianium

The folks over at Trianium join our top, with this clear case for the LG G6, featuring two layers of protection: a shock absorbing frame that protects against drops and a solid body that keeps it safe at impacts.

It’s also scratch resistant, as the premium TPU bumper and hard back polycarbonate panel provide long lasting protection.

However, the most important feature is that this case is ultra clear and slim, revealing and enhancing the original color of the smartphone! And yeah, you can show off a bit.

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5. NageBee Premium PU Leather Wallet Case

best lg g6 case from nagebee

Hey, a wallet case is always great, right? After all, it allows you to store some of your most important possessions, like credit cards, IDs and even some money. And this is exactly what this leather wallet case from NageBee is doing!

It has three slots on the inside and features a secure snap lock, keeping everything safe and secure.

It’s also a slim fit model, so it won’t add a very big amount of bulk to the phone. Oh, and the kickstand is also present, being great for watching movies hands free!

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6. Poetic Revolution Heavy Duty Case

best lg g6 case from poetic

Ok, how about a tough LG G6 case, being able to take even some of the most serious shocks?

Made of premium polycarbonate and TPU, this case from Poetic provides increased protection and, thanks to the built-in screen protector, it also makes your phone water resistant!

The intelligently placed TPU buttons are anti-slip and anti-scratch, while the flaps cover all ports, to prevent dust and lint from getting in. And despite the insane amount of protection it provides, the case somehow manages to maintain a thin design. Looks like a great deal, isn’t it?

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7. Spigen Tough Armor Heavy Duty Case

best lg g6 case from spigen 3

Did somebody say tough cases? Oh, in this case, Spigen wants to join the party too, with their third model present in our ‘best LG G6 cases’ top.

We’re looking at a hybrid case, made of shock-absorbing TPU and double hard polycarbonate, perfect for keeping your phone safe, even when it has to deal with some serious impacts.

It’s Military Grade Drop-Tested and certified, featuring the Air Cushion Technology, for intense fortification. Also, the large cutouts fit most cables, so you don’t need to take it off while charging the phone. And it has a kickstand as well!

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8. Caseology LG G6 Case

best lg g6 case from caseology

Fancying some nice carbon fiber inserts? How about this really great looking model from Caseology, then?

It’s a slim model, being able to deal with light shocks, made of shockproof TPU and a tough polycarbonate frame, with corner cushion protection.

Thanks to the premium materials it’s made of, it makes your LG G6 non-slippery, while keeping all those nasty scratches we all hate away. And yeah, this one is also available just in Black.

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9. Ringke LG G6 Fusion Mirror Case

best lg g6 case from ringke

Now this is a special LG G6 case, for all you ladies out there (and not only) who like to have a mirror around all the time.

Yeah, you guessed it, this case is incredibly shiny, creating a clear a polished reflection.

The innovative raised backside corners protect the phone against scratches, while the special Ringke Active-Touch buttons provide a natural feel. And let’s not forget about the crystal clear Shock-Absorbent technology, keeping all corners and sides safe.

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10. LK Ultra Thin Rubber Case

best lg g6 case from lk

And finally, we have a simple, yet effective case, coming from LK and featuring an exceptionally slim body that offers maximum protection, without adding any unnecessary bulk to the phone.

Constructed from tough and flexible TPU, it can withstand dirt and stains, as well as some light shocks.

It’s very easy to clean, not having that specific plastic odor, while the unique design, with special cutouts for and precisely designed buttons make the phone very easy to use.

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And this is pretty much it, folks! Above you can find some of the best LG G6 cases money can buy right now, perfect for any style and budget. Since we’re talking about 10 models, it’s obvious that we have a favorite!

Our pick: Spigen Thin Fit Case

What we like about Spigen’s Thin Fit Case is that it manages to maintain a slim, but very slim profile, while providing a great amount of protection to the LG G6. And the fact that it has a nice matte black finish adds an extra touch of style to an already elegant phone!

But what about you? Which one of these cases would you choose for your G6 and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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