best iphone x waterproof cases

It’s finally here and you must agree with us that it’s one of the best looking smartphones ever made. And, like its…cheaper siblings, introduced earlier this year, it’s also water resistant, but just for 30 minutes, in water that’s no more than 1 meter deep. Yes, we’re talking about the iPhone X, the phone people are still queuing for right now.

On the other side, those who were lucky enough to already get their hands on it, are constantly complaining that the device is very fragile, since it has glass on both sides. Well, this is what cases are for. But what happens if you want to test its photography capabilities in deeper water? You get a waterproof case, of course!

Since it’s one of the most popular phones of the moment, there are a lot of great iPhone X waterproof cases available for it, but the truth is that only a few of them are actually worth buying.

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After a quick look on Amazon, we picked some of our favorite models, which we’re convince that you will like and eventually decide upon one.

Check out some of the best iPhone X waterproof cases:

1. TRONOE Extreme Waterproof Case

best iphone x waterproof case from tronoe

Let’s begin with a very appealing model, in terms of design, the TRONOE Extreme Waterproof Case. Made with TPU and fully crystal PTE material, the case will wrap around tightly on your phone, making sure it stays safe while you take it underwater, for a longer swim.

Specifically, the phone guarantees safety up to 10 meters, for as long as one hour! And this is way better than the IP68 certification the factory offers.

All the buttons and ports were specifically designed, so you can use them underwater, while the mute button is very easy to adjust, switching from ring to silent. It’s great against shocks as well, protecting it even in the eventuality of a serious drop. And finally, the case has a flat back cover, which allows wireless charging!

2. Bovon Waterproof Full Body Case

best iphone x waterproof case from bovon

Specifically designed for Apple’s most expensive handset, the Bovon Waterproof Full Body Case is designed to deal even with the most serious shocks, not to mention that you can take it in very deep water. After all, just look at it and it’s obvious that it can offer a big amount of protection!

The case is fully sealed and made with impact-deflecting materials, while the front cover, with a built-in screen protector, prevents unwanted scratches (and water, of course) without reducing touch sensitivity, but also give you a very natural feeling. It fits the phone perfectly and it’s available just in Black.

3. Lanwow Anti-Cracking Underwater Resistant Case

best iphone x waterproof case from lanwow

Moving on with the best iPhone X waterproof cases, we have the Lanwow Anti-Cracking Underwater Resistant Case. It offers full body protection, thanks to the rubberized edges, which make it exceed the Military Standard 810G-516, thus allowing the phone to stay safe in case of a drop from 2m height. And it’s also great for harsh environments!

Despite being a hardcore model, which adds a relatively big amount of bulk to the phone, the case has an enhanced audio design, providing excellent sound quality when making calls or listening music. You can get the case in a combination of Black and with a nice touch of Sky Blue, surrounding the display.

4. Snowfox Outdoor Rugged Case

best iphone x waterproof case from snowfox

Check out the Snowfox Outdoor Rugged Case, a MIL-STD 810G-516 certified model, with easily accessible buttons, control and ports. It’s 100% compatible with the phone and the functionality of Face ID, sensors and camera aren’t affected.

The case has built-in screen protection, so no scratches will get on it, while the transparent back cover allows you to show off a bit the original color of the phone. As a side note, it passed 1000 times the test of splitting and assembling, not to mention that it has a Camping Snap Hook, so you can fasten the phone on your bag, while going outdoors.

5. Moskee High Precision Underwater Case

best iphone x waterproof case from moskee

One of the most interesting models in this top is the Miskee High Precision Underwater Case, able to remain intact even when you dive to 2 meters deep, for 30 minutes. True story! And the case also makes sure your underwater activities go smoothly and you can enjoy taking underwater photos or shooting videos.

The display is made with touch-sensitive material, while all the keys, despite being covered, are very accurate and responsive. What we really like about this case is that is relatively slim for a waterproof model, measuring just 0.5″ in thickness. Therefore, it allows wireless charging! Oh, and you can get one in a combination of Black and Gray or Black and Blue.

6. ZOYOL Underwater Case for Surfing

best iphone x waterproof case from zoyol

If you’re that type of person who can’t live without a phone, no matter where you’re going, then you definitely need to check out the ZOYOL Underwater Case for Surfing.

It’s one of the most impressive iPhone X waterproof cases, allowing you to use it in water which can go as deep as 6 meters, for 30 minutes! Basically, you can even take it surfing or scuba diving.

Made with shock absorbing materials, it can withstand drops from 2 meters as well, not to mention that it can also protect your phone from heavy snow or dust. On the top and bottom, it has gas-permeable membrane vents, for a smooth sound transmission, while the overall profile of the case measures just 0.5 inches. You can get one in Blue, Black or with a fully clear back.

7. MRSMR Heavy Duty Protective Case

best iphone x waterproof case from mrsmr

We saved the most interesting entry in our top of the best iPhone X waterproof cases for the end! The MRSMR Heavy Duty Protective Case is a fully rugged model, made with top-level materials, like Zinc, Alloys, Silica and Gel, uttermost reducing the effect of the signal, in order to provide complete protection against scratching.

It’s great for taking underwater photos, but it almost provides a ridiculous amount of protection, even in case of some impressive drops, being able to deal with impacts like a pro. It has a precise design, with covered ports (but still accessible) and great control of the side buttons. Basically, the phone is fully sealed, for optimum protection against water, dust particles, snow and other hazards. It’s available in Red, Black, Gold, or Silver.

And this pretty much wraps it up, ladies and gents. Above you have a short but very nice selection of great iPhone X waterproof cases. Even though they have the same purposes, there are a couple of individual features as well, which made it a bit difficult to decide upon a favorite model. However, in the end, we did it!

Our Pick: Bovon Waterproof Full Body Case

One of the main reasons behind our choice was the design. Seriously, just check out how good this case look, wrapping around an iPhone X! Otherwise, its ‘underwater powers’ aren’t bad either, as well its ability to protect the phone, in case of a drop or shock. And this should be enough for most users, right?

Now, it’s your turn! Which one of these cases would you buy for your iPhone X and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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