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After a somehow frustrating wait – it was released back in September – the iPhone X is finally starting to hit the shelves. If you’re one of the lucky owners, we’re convinced that you are very careful with it, since, after all, it’s a $1,000 device and you don’t want to see any type of damage on it.

Unfortunately, people drop things sometimes, including smartphones. And doing this with an iPhone X can lead to a mini heart attack, considering that it has glass on both sides. But hey, there are cases for it, right?

We know, we know…who would put a case on such a beautiful device? Well, we’re not saying that you should wrap it in a bulky model, since there are quite a few nice silicone cases, for example, which can add an additional layer of protection to the device, while maintaining the original profile. Sounds good, right?

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After taking a quick look on Amazon, we managed to put together a list with some of the best models you can pick now.

Ladies and gents, these are the best iPhone X silicone cases!

1. Torras Love Series Liquid Silicone Gel Case

best iphone x silicone case from torras

The first entry in our top is the Torras Love Series Liquid Silicone Gel Case, a simple, yet efficient case, made with the same material as Apple cases.

It provides durable, two-layer constructions, for reinforced toughness and a very smooth touch. On the inside, the case has an inner microfiber cushion, that makes sure no abrasion may occur around the corners.

Designed with the shape of the iPhone X in mind, the case follows the body of the phone, fitting snugly over the volume buttons, Sleep/Wake button and all the curves. The tactile button covers are responsive and very easy to use, while the case itself keeps remains dry and its very easy to wipe, thanks to the silky, soft-touch finish. And no, it doesn’t look bulky at all, maintaining the phone’s original slim profile. You can get one in Black, Light Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow, Midnight Blue, or Mint.

2. Apple iPhone X Silicone Case

best iphone x silicone case from apple

Speaking about Apple’s own case, there’s no doubt that you should consider Apple iPhone X Silicone Case when it comes to the new handset. It doesn’t have any special design, as it goes for a classic look, available in several colors, matching all users’ style and personal taste.

On the inside, it has a soft microfiber lining, helping protect your iPhone and keep all those nasty scratches away, which other cases easily create.

On the outside, it has a silky, soft-touch finish, which feels great in your hand. And what we really like is that you can keep the case all the time, since it’s wireless charging compatible.

3. MeanLove Liquid Silicone Case

best iphone x silicone case from meanlove

Next in our top with the best iPhone X silicone cases we have the MeanLove Liquid Silicone Case, made with a high quality silicone rubber, which offers a great touch feeling. It’s also shockproof and scratch-resistant, so it can deal with light shocks and drops.

As for the interior, it has a microfiber cushion, soft and gentle, great for protecting the phone.

Another big plus is the slim profile of this case, which won’t add any additional bulk to the iPhone X. If any stain gets on it, you can get it off with a damp rag easily. The case is available in Black, Pink, or Red, any of them looking incredibly good on the device. Looks like a pretty good choice, if you ask us!

4. hoco Liquid Silicone Matte Case

best iphone x silicone case from hoco

Moving on, we have the very interesting hoco Liquid Silicone Matte Case, which offers extreme multi-layer protection, thanks to the special material it’s made off.

Basically, it’s the same used by the Apple case, but reinforced and with an original smooth touch feel, so it will be a real pleasure to simply hold it in your hand.

Besides its ability to keep the phone safe in case of a drop or shock, the case has raised edges, protecting both the display and camera, so they won’t touch the surface, if placed face down. As a bonus, the color won’t fade in time, so the case will look as good as new even after using it for a long time. It’s available in Black, Blue, Pink or Red.

5. TOZO Clear Soft TPU Gel Skin

best iphone x silicone case from tozo

How about a nice, clear case for your iPhone X? Sounds good? Then you’ll definitely like the TOZO Clear Soft TPU Gel Skin, a lightweight and ultra-thin model, measuring just 1mm in thickness.

It provides a comfortable grip and it’s resistant to shocks, tearing, scratches, slipping and dust accumulation. What more can you ask for?

It’s very easy to snap on the phone and since it’s such a thin model, you will barely notice it on the phone. It comes with precise cutouts, so you can access all buttons and ports, while the raised edge protects the screen of the phone. Besides the completely clear model, you can get it with a Black or Silver edge.

6. Jaholan Floral Design Clear Case

best iphone x silicone case from jaholan

The next entry in our top of the best iPhone X silicone cases is the Jaholan Floral Design Clear Case, a silicone model which all you ladies out there will love. Specially designed for Apple’s latest handset, it’s able to protect it from any scratches, bumps and other types of damage, including daily wear and tear.

It’s very easy to install, using a snap-on system, and is made from flexible thermoplastic polyurethane, while the designs on it are made using in-mould-decoration.

Basically, this makes sure that it will look vivid constantly and will never fade. Besides the Rose Flower model, you can get Begonia Flower, Pink Blossom, Pink Butterfuly Flower, or Red Rose.

 7. ESR Soft Flexible TPU Cover

best iphone x silicone case from esr

And finally, we have the ESR Soft Flexible TPU Cover, which definitely looks like one of the thinnest iPhone X silicone cases ever made. It offers better protection that most polycarbonate model and it makes sure that the glass panel on the back of the phone remains scratch-free.

The matte finish texture creates a silky texture and fingerprint proof-surface, besides looking incredibly good.

Also, thanks to the raised lip for the screen and camera lens, they will be safe, even if you place the phone face down. And it’s also wireless charging compatible! You can get one in Black or Rose Gold.

And this is pretty much it, folks! These are some of the most popular iPhone X silicone cases you can opt for right now, perfect for both protecting your phone and showing off a bit that slim profile, without adding any unnecessary bulk. And we know it’s a bit difficult to decide upon one, but we somehow managed to do it…

Our Pick: hoco Liquid Silicone Matte Case

Since the iPhone X is a handset with a simple design, we went for the simplest case in this list, but strong enough to keep it safe against scratches, bumps and light drops. Also, that matte finish is something we’re really diggin’, as it adds a plus of elegance to the device, not to mention that it keeps fingerprints away.

But what about you? Which one of these cases would you pick for your new iPhone X and why? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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